Do you have maple or box elder trees near your home? Have you noticed a grayish, blackish winged bugs inside your home, perhaps with red crisscrossing stripes? You may have a box elder bug infestation. Box elder bugs typically infest homes that are near maple and elder box trees. The bugs are about a half an inch long and are common pests in southern Maine.
While elder bugs do not cause any harm to humans, damage, their droppings are unpleasant to see and can possibly stain your furniture and linens. That is why your southern Maine box elder bug exterminator suggests a prevention plan in the fall to avoid a box elder infestation.Even though box elder bugs make their home in box elder, maple, and ash trees during the warm season, they tend to migrate into nearby homes to find shelter during the cold season. Box elder bugs usually are more noticeable on the sunny sides of your home during the fall. During the winter season, they usually come out when indoor heat sources are high.


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