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Bed Bug Exterminator


Bed bugs are abounding in southern Maine and around the world. Increased global travel is thought to be one of the primary reasons why bedbugs are on the rise. They are excellent hiders and travelers, and pretty resilient to common pesticides. But they are parasites and could carry bacteria and possibly diseases, so their extermination from your home is essential. That’s why you need a trusted southern Maine bed bug exterminator by your side to battle these little intruders!

A close up a young bed bug

A close up a young bed bug


A bedbug infestation can be hard to detect based on the insect’s size and hiding skills. To put it into a visual perspective, an average bedbug is just about 4 mm long, the same size as Lincoln’s head on a penny. Since they are so hard to spot, the best way to look for bedbugs is to look for blood spots on mattresses, pillowcases and nearby nooks (bedside tables, baseboards, pictures). They like to live near their food source, yet out of the way, and they like to feed at night. You can also look for the telltale bedbug bite. Although not all humans have a reaction to bites, some may see a string of small bumps on the skin that is most exposed during sleep.


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