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Bed Bug Treatment


Bed bugs have acquired quite the reputation for being tough to treat, and for good reason. They have adapted to the few chemicals that can help in their demise. Plus, they are known to travel well, hide in inconspicuous places and live weeks without feeding. So when chemicals and attempts at home remedies fail, what are the options for Southern Maine bed bug treatment that actually works?

Hungry bedbug biting human`s foot. Cartoon pest series.

Hungry bedbug biting human`s foot. Cartoon pest series.


Prevention is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep bed bugs at bay. When you travel, look for signs of bed bugs and do a couple things to prevent your luggage and clothing from the little hitchhikers. You can pick up disposable laundry bags and pack your clothes in them, then just toss it all in the washing machine when you return home. When you wash everything, be sure to use hot water. The heat from the water and the dryer can take the bugs out.  In your hotel room and when you return home, aim for minimal clutter. Clutter around a bed gives the insects plenty of places to hide and breed.


Once you recognize you have a bed bug problem, it’s very important to contact a professional like Ants Etc. Pest Service to help you contain and kill the bugs before they multiply even more. There are several treatment options that include heat, steam and carbon dioxide snow. Carbon dioxide snow is the newest treatment and is often used in conjunction with other treatments. The bed bugs are exposed to pressurized carbon dioxide snow and are frozen to death. The vapors also penetrate the baseboards, bedding, furniture and small crevices. Bed bugs literally cannot stand heat, so heat remediation has become the most popular and effective way to manage them without chemicals. Electric heaters essentially raise the temperature in the house and rooms to around 135 degrees for at least an hour, much higher than the bugs can stand. This kills both the bugs and their eggs while keeping the home safe from chemicals. Homeowners can even return at night, unlike tenting and fumigating.

If you’re battling bed bugs and need a partner to ensure the best and most effective Southern Maine bed bug treatment, Ants Etc. Pest Service can stop bed bugs in their tracks. Protect yourself and your family by calling (207) 892-7855 today.