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also have well-developed antennae, chewing mouthparts and shell-like front wings, which are often very hard and appear more like a shell than wings. In general, this is how you can distinguish a beetle from a cockroach.Have you ever mistaken a beetle for a cockroach? If so, you are not  the only one. Most homeowners mistake beetles for cockroaches frequently due to their similar features (from afar). But once you take a closer look, you will notice their distinct wing features.


So now that you realize you have a beetle problem, what do you do? First, don’t panic! There are a variety of beetles located in Southern Maine. These beetles include carpet beetle, flour beetle, grain beetle, powderpost beetle, larder beetle and larder beetle larvae. Understanding what you’re dealing with is key. But once they have entered your home or you find them throughout the yard, they can become a nightmare if left untreated.

There are three groups of beetles that need to be treated to prevent any damages: food product beetles, wood-destroying beetles and fabric-infesting beetles.The most common beetles are carpet beetles, powderpost, flour beetles and grain beetles. These beetles tend be found indoors. As their name suggests, carpet beetles can be found lingering in your carpet and destroying the fiber. On the other hand, flour and grain beetles can be found eating away food products while powderpost beetles feed on any hardwood or bamboo. But you can’t disregard the other beetles because they also possess the ability to cause damage to your beautiful landscape.

If you realize that you have a beetle problem, contacting your local southern Maine beetle exterminator should be your number one priority. This is when Ants Etc. Pest Service comes into play. Don’t let the beetles beat you – call us today at (207) 892-7855.