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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are a normal part of the scenery in most of Windham’s residential and commercial areas.  They can make their nests both inside and outside of your home, with a preference toward nesting in wood that is prone to moisture (window sills, inside your walls, etc.).

Nests can easily contain a few dozen ants or a few thousand ants, just depending on the size of the nest.  While ants are mostly considered a nuisance, they can contaminate food sources if they get access to them.

As well, they’ve been known to hollow out wood (though they typically do not eat it) to provide themselves an adequate habitat.  If you’ve seen one of these critters, you’ll see more.

Ants Etc. can eliminate carpenter ants and with regular exterminations, keep them from returning to your property in the future.  If you are in need of residential or commercial pest control services in Windham, ME, contact Matt Stover and the Ants Etc. team.