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Centipede And Millipede



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SOUTHERN MAINE CENTIPEDESSometimes looks may be deceiving, and this can be true about you local neighborhood creepy crawlers. Centipedes and millipedes are pretty common in Southern Maine. They may look intimidating, but that’s not always the case. In fact, these creepy crawlers are beneficial. They may play a role in the garden, in helping to break down dead plant matter or in capturing flies, cockroaches and other small household pests.

There are two types of centipedes found in Southern Maine: house and garden centipedes. House centipedes are the most common to invade homes. House centipedes are usually found in the kitchen, bathrooms, basements, drains, garage or crawl space. They may measure as long as 1 1/2 inches with long legs and flattened bodies that allow them to run quickly. Similar to the house centipede, garden centipedes have a flattened body and many legs. Garden centipedes are white and less than a quarter inch in length. Their back two legs are longer than the others. They use their legs to lasso prey. Garden Centipedes thrive in wet habitats and infestations often occur in places that hold a lot of moisture.



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While some people can find a do-it-yourself way to contain centipedes and millipedes, they can become a problem if an infestation occurs. To make things easier, contact your Southern Maine centipede and millipede exterminator. Ants Etc. Pest Service offers a free property assessment to determine if pests are infiltrating your home, plus a free quote and a plan for all Southern Maine pests. So call Ants Etc. Pest Service at (207) 892-7855 and let the pros handle it.Unlike centipedes, millipedes are grayish yellow or reddish brown with elongated bodies. They have two or four pairs of tiny legs per body segment. Millipedes walk in a ripple, wave-like manner and tend to gather on porches and patios. They like to climb the foundation of homes, which is where they often find an entry. Homeowners often find millipedes in their basements.