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Crickets are not really known as a vicious pest with a harmful bite, but they can still wreak havoc on your property. While the springy insects are not harmful to humans, their chirps and startling jumps can make them true pests. Plus, they are often a food source for even bigger pests. Trust your southern Maine cricket exterminator – crickets belongs outside, not in your home!


House crickets
look and sound a lot like grasshoppers. Their loud chirping is what can drive people nuts when house crickets get in their home. But that’s where they prefer to be, especially with any open food sources nearby. Also be on the lookout for northern mole crickets. They live near mud or damp soil. As nocturnal insects, they spend many of their waking evening hours burrowing in soil.Crickets come in a variety of species, here’s a breakdown on those you are most likely to see in your southern Maine home. The field cricket’s tell-tale chirp is made when the males are trying to attract females, usually in the warm summer evenings. That’s probably why many of us associate cricket chirps with summer. But the chirping stops as soon as a predator comes near. When field crickets are in large numbers in a garden, they like to eat the insects that you actually need in the garden.


If the chirping and jumping of crickets are making your crazy, or you think the crickets are attracting other pests, call a southern Maine cricket exterminator. Ants Etc. Pest Control Service offers a free property assessment to determine which crickets and insects are taking over your home. Although regularly scheduled pest control is the most efficient way to protect your family and your property, we can also help with insects that may come with the changing seasons and new generations of pests of emerging. Call Ants Etc. Pest Control Service today at (207) 892-7855.