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No one wants pests in their home. Seeing bugs can sometimes make it appear that your home is unclean when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Insects and pests will find a way in, no matter how often you mop or dust. But what’s worse than seeing the bugs is actually living with them. Those creepy critters can hide almost anywhere, sneaking into cabinets, carpet, drawers and bathtubs when you least expect it. So what’s the best way to keep pests at bay? Regular Southern Maine home pest control. With Ants Etc. regular services, you’ll lower the likelihood of a major bug infestation and all the hazards and costs that come along with it. We’ll treat your home the same way you do: with care and respect.

Man doing pest control on a wall at home

Ants Etc. Pest Service came about because we truly care about Windham neighbors and the safety of our community. As a fully licensed and insured southern Maine home pest control company, we have been battling area pests for over 30 years. From ants and termites to squirrels and bed bugs, we can handle any pest you may come in contact with.ANTS ETC. PEST SERVICE TO THE RESCUE

We offer affordable home pest control services because we don’t want you to have to break the bank just to break away from bugs. Our extermination and removal experts have the knowledge and skill to exterminate your bugs safely and effectively without damaging the integrity of your home. If you find yourself amidst in a bug infestation and don’t know where to turn, trust Ants Etc. Pest Service. Give us a call today at (207) 892-7855 for a free property assessment and be on your way to pest free in no time!