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As spring starts to show signs of rolling in, the insects come along with it. One of the most annoying insects to find in and around your home is the gnat. While seemingly harmless, these long-legged insects buzz about, bite prey and feed on blood. When you see these fliers, its time to contact your southern Maine gnat exterminator.


Gnats are so small that they are often confused for babies of other insect species, or mistaken for other small flying insects like fruit flies or fungus gnats. While adult sizes can very, gnats are generally only about 33 millimeters long. Youve likely seen gnats when they are in mating, as the males gather and swarm in what is called a ghost. These swarms are often found at dusk hovering over fields and streets.


Aside from filling the evenings with insect clouds and possibly ruining your al fresco dinner on the porch, some gnats can be harmful to you and your property. Some species are crop pests and feed on plants, ruining your garden. Then females in other species, like the black gnat, actually feed on blood. They can carry parasites and spread diseases between both humans and livestock. Since its hard to detect which species you are dealing with, its important to call in a professional when you see gnats gathering.

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