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Although their name conjures up a wormy, creepy, crawly insect, adult mealworms are actually a beetle. When full grown, the common yellow mealworm is more like a dark brown and can be up to one-inch long with a hard shell. Their name comes from the wormy looking caterpillar that they resemble in their larvae stage. Due to their feeding habits, it’s important to contact your southern Maine mealworm exterminator at the first sight of these pests in your home to reduce potential damage.


Mealworms are labeled as “secondary stored product pests,” meaning that they feed on decomposing materials. They love leaves, animal waste, dead insects and decaying grain products. This is where you most often find these home intruders – infesting your stored grains, especially stock amounts of grains in bins and in damp, dark locations. A prime mealworm home!

Usually a southern Maine mealworm exterminator like Ants Etc. Pest Control will help you locate the food source of the mealworms, then discard the entire food source and all insects that can be found. If this does not completely resolve the issue, the exterminator will work with on a plan to spray and remove the remaining bugs.

Ants Etc. Pest Control is not only the preferred southern Maine mealworm exterminator, we also specialize in removing ants, wasps, crickets, rodents and other common area pests. Over 30 years of local experience means we know pests inside and out! Call us at (207) 892-7855 today to schedule a home inspection and get those mealworms on the go.