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Moths can be a confusing insect. They look like butterflies, but not nearly as pretty. They fly around and are either attracted to light or repelled by it. There are a variety of moths that do a variety of things, but generally moths that are bothersome to us are under five centimeters in wingspan and not harmful directly to our health (though there are some parasitic blood-sucking moths). But moths do attract larger predatory creatures and they can destroy clothing and materials, so seeing moths on a regularly basis can be a good reason to contact Ants Etc. Pest Control, your southern Maine moth exterminator.


Most moths have two sets of wings which are covered in scales, topped off with two large, compound eyes. Moths differ in appearance and their coloring depending on the species, but most of the moths we see in and around our homes are neutral colors, like shades of grey and brown. They feed on plants, but can also make a snack out of items in your pantry that are not sealed well or even your clothing. The rumor is that moths love to destroy wool, but some species of moths also like other natural materials like silk, hair, fur and feathers.

Moths are delectable to many other critters that you do not want attracted to your home. Amphibians, birds, reptiles and spiders are all happy to make moths part of their meals. So infestation of moths could mean you would see other such creatures sometime soon.

If you’re worried about your plants, clothes or an approaching crew of critters, call Ants Etc. to take care of moths you are seeing on your property. As a southern Maine moth exterminator, we also have experience dealing with the critters that the moths attracts, particularly spiders, rodents and birds. Call us at (207) 892-7855 to schedule an inspection and send those moths flying.