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Powder Post Beetle is a woodboring beetle which feeds on hardwood and softwood, reducing it to a fine, powdery dust.  These pests can compromise the integrity of your Windham home, business, garage and outbuildings simply by their eating habits.

The females often lay their eggs inside wood, but the presence of the larvae is generally not even known until the eggs reach maturity.

Ants Etc. can inspect your property for signs of the powder post beetle and eliminate populations before they wreak havoc on your property’s wood structures.

Ants Etc. will prevent infestation and with regularly scheduled inspections and treatments, keep the pesky beetles from returning to your home or business.

If you are in need of an experienced, reliable pest control expert in the Windham, ME area, contact Ants Etc. Pest Service for your free estimate.  We get rid of powder post beetles.