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Have you ever seen a line or group of red ants on the sidewalk, or an upheaval of the sand between sidewalk squares? Then you’ve seen red pavement ants and likely the aftermath of their nesting and battles. Known to be aggressive and hungry, the can be problematic when they start to invade. Typically where there is one there are many, so it’s best to call a professional like Ants Etc. Pest Control to handle the situation as soon as you spot a red pavement ant in your territory.

Royal Nesting

Some males and females can have wings and mate in flight – these are the kings and queens. After mating, males/kings die within a week or so and females move on to start a new colony for their eggs. Queens can live up to 30 years with their only role being to lay eggs. Sterile females, known as the workers and scouts, live about three years. Because the reproduction and development stages only last a few weeks, ant nests and infestations can grow dramatically and get out of hand quickly.

These red pavement ants are predatory. Not only do they have all out battles with “enemy” colonies, often resulting in many slain ants, but they protect their own. For instance if you choose to walk through a group of ants and step on one, many others may crawl around your foot and up your leg in retaliation and protection. While not poisonous, the bite will likely pinch (especially the bites of many).

Battle for Your Home

Red pavement ants will eat anything. Like other ants, they like the sweet stuff like ice cream and cookie crumbs, but they will eat what they find and what they have to for survival, including other insects. Nests will typically send out scouts looking for food and will infest an area when they hit a nourishment jackpot. If the jackpot is in your home, you’re in trouble. Their small size, large groups and aggressiveness make them quite the nuisance. Once you find them, they are best eradicated by a professional. Before you find them, it’s a good idea to seal any cracks in your house’s foundation, don’t place wood or debris by the house, and keep food contained.

Ants Etc – It’s What We Do

If you’re losing your battle with red pavement ants, wasps, spiders or any other insect or pest, it’s time to turn to a professional. At Ants Etc Pest Control Service, we provide Windham and the surrounding area with the best residential and commercial pest control, and have been doing it for 30 years. Whether you need regularly scheduled service or have a sudden visit from uninvited guests, we can help you stay comfortable and gain control.