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Matt Stover, founder and owner of Ants Etc. Pest Service, is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of pest control services in Portland, Maine and the surrounding area. From problems with rodents including squirrels, rats, and bats to insect infestations including bees, ants, and more, he works hard to make sure the job gets done.

None of us wants our home or business to be plagued by pests. It is unsightly and unsanitary. Insects and rodents carry in a variety of germs and bacteria that can be quite harmful to us humans—especially the elderly, young, or those with existing medical conditions. Beyond that, people have varying degrees of sensitivity to insect bites. A bee sting might hurt someone temporarily and even be annoying for a day or two, but for others it can be downright deadly.

They sell all sorts of spray, traps, and other gimmicks at the store for dealing with bugs and other pests, but those are only so effective. Licensed pest control specialists have heavy duty chemicals including insect growth regulators (or, IGRs). These are less harmful to pets, children, residents and workers, but specifically target the growth hormones of insects, preventing them from maturing and reproducing. If you have ever had to deal with bed bugs or fleas, you know how whatever tactic you use to get rid of them is only temporary. IGRs stop eggs from hatching and stop insects from being able to reproduce. Insects are also less likely to develop immunities to IGR as they might with other types of insecticides.

Matt is a family man and he understands that people need to be safe and comfortable in their homes. He works with clients to get rid of a wide variety of pests including:

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