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Rodent Control Portland ME | Ants Etc. Pest ServiceIf you find that you have a rodent problem in Windham, Maine, you are not alone. During the cold winters, rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents will make their way into our homes in an effort to find food and stay warm.

Signs of rodent infestation usually include droppings, shredded papers, and chewed up food containers. These things can all usually be found in the pantry or cupboards.

There are a number of reasons you do not want to try and handle problems with rodents in Maine on your own. First, where there is one there are usually many. Nests will be built behind walls and under cabinets. These vermin carry all sorts of diseases, parasites, and can be a hazard to your health. They are crafty critters requiring someone with experience and the proper tools to effectively get rid of them.

Ants Etc. will help rid your home or business of rodents and give you the tools and information you need to be keep them from returning. Whether needing residential or commercial pest control in Windham, Maine contact Matt Stover and the Ants Etc. team today.