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When you think of all the insects and pests that could invade your home and cause a nuisance, the sowbug is probably not at the top of your list. Often confused for a similar looking pest called the pillbug (or potato bug), sowbugs are actually land-living crustaceans and not truly insects (pillbugs aren’t insects, either). Nonetheless, their presence can be bothersome and may require the assistance of your southern Maine sowbug exterminator to help you rid your home of them.


Sowbugs are capable of crystallizing heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, cadmium and many other of the toxic metal ions from the soil especially coal spoils and slag heaps to promote the restoration of contaminated soil. Sowbug is the only land-livin

The sowbug is both flat and oval, sometimes growing up to one centimeter in length. They have a segmented body with seven pairs of legs, two pairs of antennae and two appendages (one at each end) that sort of resemble tails. This is actually how you can tell the pillbug from the sowbug – pillbugs have no such appendage. Both sowbugs and pillbugs roll up into a ball when they feel threatened.


Because sowbugs do not naturally retain moisture, they love to live in moist areas. So that is where you might find them – in basements, attics, bathrooms and kitchens. But most homes to not live up to the moisture levels that the sowbug needs and many die after entering a home. So finding dead sowbugs is the best indication of an infestation. Look for entry points around ground-level windows and doors and try to seal them off. Since sowbugs also love flowerbeds, try to keep your garden away from the foundation of your home and if you keep firewood nearby, make sure it is elevated off the ground.


When the sowbugs seem to have taken over your lawn, garden, garage or basement, it’s time to call Ants Etc. Pest Control Service – your prime southern Maine sowbug exterminator. Our property assessments are free and we provide each homeowner with a unique plan for insect removal and prevention. Call us today at (207) 892-7855 and let us help free you from the rolly polly sowbugs!