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The word “termite” can conjure up a natural reaction of cringing and then possibly panic. After all, a termite infestation can be devastating for any building, let alone your own home. Your family and your life are firmly planted in that house and termites threaten that. If you don’t know much about the small and mighty pests, you may not be all that concerned and think, “what can a tiny bug do to my big house?” But that’s the thing – it’s usually not just one termite; it’s a nest of termites. Because they eat their way through the foundation of your home, structural integrity and safety are a major concern. If you suspect termite activity, A southern Maine termite inspection is the first step in battling them.


Termites are tiny and translucent, so probably likely won’t see the actual insects themselves. The inspector will look for other indications of a termite infestation. Like many other pest infestations, you may be able to see droppings. Termite droppings are small, wood-colored and rigid. You may also see their tracks, also called mud tunnels. These are what the termites burrow through and then leave behind. Tracks are often seen on walls, ceilings, and baseboards. Another possible sign of infestation is a pile of tiny shredded wings that have fallen off the termites. These are typically located at an entry point of the building.


Termites can run up damage costs of about $5 billion a year and are a major threat to building investments, including your home. Some insurance plans don’t cover the treatment cost or repairs needed due to a termite infestation. This makes getting a termite inspection as soon as possible even more important. The sooner you catch them, the sooner you can stop them.

If you live in Southern Maine and see any signs of an infestation, Ants Etc. Pest Service should be your first call southern Maine termite inspection! Termites can be difficult to send packing out of your house, but it can be done. The inspection will determine the severity of your infestation, then a plan will be put in place that keeps your family safe and healthy. For a fast and fair termite inspection, call (207) 892-7855 today to free your home from the tiny attackers.