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Wasps are a bit misunderstood.  Often considered interchangeable with bees because of their sting, wasps have no problem building a nest in a place where it won’t be disturbed, likely somewhere on the exterior of your Windham home or business.

Some wasps are extremely aggressive and ridding your property of an occupied nest requires a bit of skill.

Ants Etc. Pest Service can help to rid your residential or commercial property of wasp nests and bee hives and keep them from returning.

Wasps nets are commonly found under eaves, beneath gutters, in walls and windows, even in air conditioning units. Wasps are extremely territorial and can attack both human and pets with vicious bites and venomous stings.  So be careful.

Let the experts at Ants Etc. inspect your property and get rid of any wasp problems for good.  For residential and commercial pest control services in Windham, ME, call Ants Etc. Pest Service